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Business Plan

Strategia e creazione di valore

Realize the strategy
and value creation

Having medium-term visibility is a necessity that all companies must have in order to govern the numbers and not suffer them.

The Business Plan is normally designed as a “Una Tantum” necessity.

Adacta helps companies to draw up the Industrial Plan leading internal resources and equipping them with a repeatable model that can be reviewed annually before the Budget process.

Our approach

1| Cost management

Through the main leverages we are able to:

  • Cost-to-sell (marketing and distribution)
  • Rightsizing (personal)
  • Cost attack (costs across multiple areas).

2| Growth through M&A operations

The goal is to create:

  • Revenue synergies (market access, market share expansion)
  • Operating synergies (operating costs, invested capital)
  • Financial synergies (taxes, capital structure)

3| Working capital management

The key points to be achieved are:

  • Managing payables deadlines
  • Credit policy adoption
  • Monitored inventory management

4| Organic growth

Through targeted processes we are able to increase the range of products and services offered by covering a great number of markets


Energy sector company

Development of a growth plan for a company in the Energy sector.

Adacta supported the company in defining the development plans of the individual BUs and above all formulated a detailed marketing and commercial plan with concrete actions in support of the ambitious growth objectives.

Metal processing company

Development of an Industrial Plan for a company active in the multi-plant metal processing in Italy and with production and commercial branches abroad.

Adacta first helped the company rebuild business drivers, then analyzed productivity differences by plant as well as equipping the company with a planning, sales / margins, personnel and balance sheet model.

Company Industrial plant and machinery

Industrial plan elaboration by company Activate production by order of industrial machinery.

Adacta has developed the industrial plan of the company, through the analysis of the profitability of the order, the backlog of orders / offers and the forecast of purchases / offers. 
By designing a sales and margins planning model we have defined a model of covenant projections and control on financing.

Do you want to structure a business plan for your company?

Consider your company’s growth strategies
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