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Digital controlling 

Digital controlling

Enter the new era of decision making

Technologies supporting controlling continue to innovate, offering new opportunities for controllers. 
Whether it is CPM, A-BI, ETL or Machine Learning, knowing the technologies, the specific characteristics of the vendors and benefiting from the experience gained from the implementations accelerates the digitization process of controlling. 

With independence, experience and management of the implementation risk.

Our approach

1| Digital Planning

Design and implementation of Corporate Performance Management solutions to support budgeting, planning, forecasting, managerial and statutory consolidation processes.

The introduction of Digital Planning solutions allows the creation of complex multidimensional models to support the business.

2| Digital Reporting

Design and implementation of Business Intelligence solutions to support information delivery processes.

The introduction of Digital Reporting solutions allows the creation of dynamic reports and dashboards, enabling self-reporting processes and integration of KPIs and statistical analysis.

3| Digital Integration

Design and implementation of Data Integration, Datamart and Datawarehouse solutions to support the Digital Planning and Reporting platforms.

The introduction of Digital Integration solutions allows the creation of a single repository of corporate information, the automation and scheduling of data extraction, data integration and data quality processes and the integration of distributed architectures based on many Cloud solutions.


Multinational group in the material handling sector

The company had expressed the need to standardize the planning and closing process and tool for all controlled companies.

Adacta Advisory supported the company in the design of the model and played the role of system integrator for the implementation of the digital planning solution.

Today, all the companies of the group have integrated the budgeting, closing and monthly re-forecasting processes in a single platform with a consequent reduction in closing times and manual activities of the local controllers.

Multinational group in the fashion sector

The company needed to evolve and automate the management reporting package, developing and integrating KPI’s and specific indicators for the individual functional areas.

Adacta Advisory supported the company in defining business requirements, redesigning the reporting package and building the digital integration & digital reporting layer on a Business Intelligence solution.

Today the company has enhanced its analytical capabilities through dynamic, centralized and mobile-available reporting.

Leading reality in large distribution and retail

The company experienced strong growth through the acquisition of new companies, leading the group to assume significant dimensions.

The company had expressed the need to evolve the consolidation process by adopting an integrated solution for all the companies of the group.

The implementation of a digital integration layer and the implementation of a CPM solution allowed the company to automate the consolidation operations, to share the process between HQ and subsidiaries and to reduce the monthly closing times to 5 days.

Are your tools to support controlling inadequate for today’s challenges?

Adopt a digital planning & reporting solution and lead the finance digital transformation

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