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Valuation Services

Valuation Services

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The “Value based management” approach is a management method underlying all Adacta Advisory services, carried out with the aim of creating value for the company. It is measured analytically by a specialized team that is able to apply both “traditional” and “financial” methods in compliance with the Italian Valuation Principles, for corporate valuations in M&A contexts, fairness opinions, impairment tests and other valuations carried out for specific purposes.

Our approach

1| Rating

Issue a value judgment on an asset. The evaluator must analyze and provide an assessment of the information set (eg reasonableness of the plan).

2| Evaluation opinion

Judgment limited to only a part of the valuation process (eg Rate, choice of method).

3| Fairness opinion

Judge an evaluation issued by another subject. Work aimed at verifying an evaluation.

4| Evaluation calculation

Calculation of the value of an asset based on defined inputs / formulas. The work is aimed at the exact calculation of a defined value and input data.

5| Valuation review

Review of an evaluation done by a third party. Check on one of the four previous steps.


Impaitment test – pharmaceutical sector

Impairment test on the value of a low-performing investment.

Adacta analyzed the company’s business plan, validating its reasonableness.

Subsequently, it assessed the investment and discussed with the independent auditors whether or not to write down its value.

Participation evaluation – industrial sector

Valuation of the shares of a company with fragmented ownership to align the shareholders on a minimum value at which all the partners agreed to sell the shares.

Adacta carried out an independent assessment of the company in order to give transparency to the shareholders of the real market value of their shareholdings.

Construction & roadworks sector company

Impairment test on real estate that showed permanent loss indicators.

Adacta defined the CGUs on which the individual real estate assets insisted and applying the OIC 9 principle, it assessed the individual assets using the financial method to verify whether or not they should be written down.

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