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Tax & Legal

Legal and tax advice

Stile Tax&Legal
e specializzazione

Quality solutions and approach to problems with method and rigour.
We have high seniority gained also in international contexts.
We are professionals and advisors with specialist expertise and work in an integrated manner.

Esperienza Tax&Legal
Know how Industry
e Pragmatismo

Tax&Legal experience Industry Know how and Pragmatism. Deep knowledge of enterprises’ and different businesses’ DNA.
We provide our clients with original, direct and concrete solutions.
We go to the core of issues to solve problems and seize opportunities.

Approccio Tax&Legal
e passione

Tax&Legal Approach Innovation and passion. Continuous evolution to be an effective partner alongside enterprises.
We invest in technology, offer new services and cultivate curiosity.
We study and update to provide value with the passion of those who love their job.


We manage the tax variable, use benefits, study solutions to reduce risks and resolve disputes for companies and groups. We are experts in Transfer Pricing, Patent Box and international taxation.

Tax planning
Tax Compliance
Tax Litigation


We provide legal support in the various business areas, from commercial contracts to labour relations, we help protecting assets value and we are legal advisors in M&A transactions, both buy side and sell side.

Legal M&A


We design management and control systems and organizational models to prevent risks (Models 231/01, Supervisory Bodies, Tax Control Framework, Privacy, DPO, Anti-Money Laundering, BIA, Business Continuity Plans).

Governance Structures
Governance Roles

& Wealth

We support entrepreneurs and investors in the valorisation of wealth and assets.
We are advisors in extraordinary finance transactions and design solutions for generational transition.

Wealth Management


We operate in situations of discontinuity as advisors for the solution of business crises.
We help design paths to recover the business, minimize the loss of business value and protect the entrepreneur.

Business crisis

Adacta Tax & Legal

Specialized solutions and business strategies
optimized from a legal and fiscal point of view

Businesses and groups

Do you want to accelerate your growth and win ambitious challenges?

We work shoulder to shoulder to let you win

Winning Business. Together!