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Cost Management

Cost Management: conoscere, trasformare e gestire

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Looking for cash flow

Costs must be an investment: ongoing expenses to obtain output and profit.

Cost management is an ongoing program. In some cases company lifecycle it is a moment of discontinuity to restore momentum and cash flows.

Cost management means knowing the cost structure, the drivers. Transform the cost line, with different tools.  Manage the business, creating a cost saving culture and pushing towards challenging savings targets.

Our approach

1|Cost baseline Analysis

Savings are seldom easy to notice.
More often it is necessary to develop detailed analyzes to identify the structure, dynamics and drivers of the costs incurred.

We know the typical cost profiles in the main sectors of economic activity, we apply analytical models that accelerate knowledge and benchmarks that allow us to estimate areas for improvement.

Knowing the cost line makes you choose the right tools to optimize them.

2| Cost Transformation

Optimizing costs is an intrinsic activity of business management.

The principles of transformation are 3: cut the queues, rethink the budget from scratch and automate.

The toolbox contains techniques to accelerate the implementation of cost reduction.

Our work is not limited to identifying savings targets, but we go as far as the execution of the actions to obtain it.

3| Continuous Cost Managenent

Achieving an optimal cost structure is a highly satisfying result. But it is a continuous, asymptotic process.

Organizations that have the ability to seize efficiency opportunities have a widespread culture against waste, stimulated by management inputs.

We help the C-level to activate continuous management of savings, identify the parameters on which to measure the effectiveness of the interventions and stimulate the creation of a culture of efficiency.

Do you want to create new cash flows?

Measure costs and productivity across the entire life cycle of business projects

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