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Debt Advisory 

Debt Advisory

We have the financial solution for your projects

We support companies in the management of the financial variable with customized solutions.

We design M&A, LBO and carve-out operations by defining the optimal financial structure and looking for more efficient funding solutions. 
We support working capital financing and re-financing transactions with innovative tools.

Our approach


We support companies in the planning and execution of extraordinary development, acquisition, leverage by-out, corporate reorganization, defining the impact of the deals and their sustainability in the short and medium term.

Debt & Capital

We identify and structure the best funding solution to support the needs of the company. We have managed over € 1.2bn of debt, we provide the company with a network of consolidated relationships (Banks, private debt, Stock Exchange, digital lending) to achieve the company’s objectives.


We support companies in managing the covenants associated with loan agreements.


Manufacturing company

A manufacturing company had the objective to reorganize the corporate structure with the exit of a shareholder.

Adacta supported the company in the design and definition of the transaction by selecting the preferable among the various options (LBO, buy-back, etc.) based on their impact on the group, sustainability and financing possibilities.
Adacta developed the financial plan and the proposal to be presented to lenders, also supporting the negotiation process.

Manufacturing company

A manufacturing company with turnover over 80M €, high starting leverage and difficulty in finding financing on the market needed to reorganize the financial structure.

Adacta assisted the CFO in the development of the financial plan and in the definition of the proposal to be presented to the credit institutions. We identified the partner, supported the investigation process and the negotiation of contractual clauses and covenants, arriving at the disbursement of the funds in a few weeks.

Company in the Luxury sector

A group operating in the luxury goods sector needed to organize the management of commitments related to loan agreements.

Adacta has developed a counterparty and commitment mapping solution that allows, with a periodic alert system, to monitor deadlines and organize reporting and information activities between the various owners in the company, ensuring timely fulfillment of commitments.

Do you want to optimize the financial structure of your company?

We have innovative and efficient solutions
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