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Due Diligence

Due Diligence

⦁ Business Overview
⦁ QofE
⦁ Cost structure and EBITDA
⦁ Assets
⦁ Net working capital
⦁ Net equity and bank NFP
⦁ Sensitivity analysis on BP

Support for a conscious investment

In order to assess the risks associated with a corporate or business acquisition / sale, investigative activities are carried out aimed at certifying the opportunity of a deal and identifying the risks and problems associated with it.
In this investment assessment, Adacta proposes itself as a partner in the Due Diligence process by providing a pragmatic approach, generating a positive climate between the parties.
Deliverable in line with market standards for Italian, foreign, private or institutional entrepreneurs or investors.

Our approach

Data Room

  • Checklist
  • Physical (on site or at the legal office) or Virtual by sharing a VDR (Virtual Data Room)

Business and organizational structure

  • Company overview
  • Business model representation
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Sales Processes
  • Pricing and mark-up
  • Market and competitors analysis
  • Key People
  • ABC customers / products
  • ABC suppliers

Historical performance

  • Quality of Earnings
  • Operating margins analysis
  • OPEX breakdown
  • Personnel cost analysis (HC, FTE …)
  • Fixed asset composition and CAPEX
  • Warehouse, customers and suppliers Aging
  • EBITDA, Working Capital and Net Debt adjustement

Business Driver & Sensitivity Plan

  • Key assumption plan analysis
  • Sensitivity on the Business Plan
  • Alternative Scenario Development and Impact on Cash Flow


M&A Buy-side

The Sirmax Group of Padua, with consolidated revenues of around 400M Eu, has expanded its offer by incorporating Microtec, a company specialized in the production and treatment of Bioplastics.
Adacta assisted Microtec as tax and legal Advisor of the transaction.

M&A Buy-side

The Ganassini Institute has integrated downstream by acquiring a distributor of High Level cosmetic products with various points of sale between London and the United States.
Adacta assisted the Buyer with legal, business and financial due diligence on UK and US companies.

M&A Buy-side

Distressed M&A transactions in which VDP, a company active in the forging sector, took over in Joint Venture with the Ariotti group Anselmi Casting, a company with an arrangement with creditors in progress.

Do you want to make a conscious investment?

We support you in evaluating the opportunity of the deal and identifying the risks

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