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Operating Finance

We have tools to optimize corporate finance

We support companies in the development of the finance area. 
We plan and control cash, working capital and financial risks, intervening on business processes with digitized solutions to support decision making.

Our approach

1 | Process Improvement

We support the review of processes that have direct impacts on financial management, optimizing flows, managing risks and generating value for the company.

2 | Financial Planning

We have developed solutions integrated with economic planning to plan and manage cash and financial balance over a 12/24 months horizon, allowing companies to react promptly to any changes in the competitive scenario.

3 |Digital

We optimize the reporting structure through digitized platforms, defining managerial and operational KPI’s, reducing labor-intensive activities and increasing the supervision of the Finance area on management.


Company in the service sector

A service company had high trade receivables with DSOs that were also due to to shortages in the active cycle.

Adacta supported the reorganization of the trade credit policy, segmenting the portfolio, defining risk classes and management models for the order-to-cash cycle differentiated by risk. In the reorganization of the active cycle, we have removed the bottlenecks that delayed active billing, thus increasing the availability of the commercial portfolio that can be discounted in the bank.

Transport company

A company operating in the transport sector was in a financially strained situation and needed to optimize its financial structure.

Adacta has developed pre-configured accelerators on the main IT platforms that have allowed the company to obtain:
– monthly financial projection and control of the cash flow,
– sizing of credit lines or decision to use liquidity / short-term investments
– model for sensitivity management
– improvement of the bank / company relationship
– optimization of interest rates

Company in the manufacturing sector

A manufacturing company in the plastics production sector had a high level of inventories and categories of stocks at risk of obsolescence.

Adacta has developed a plug & play digitized reporting solution that has enabled the company to:
– quickly identify the main categories at risk of obsolescence, through cross-analysis between inventory and consumption;
– define the areas of intervention and the minimum objectives for each class;
– monitor the effects of the policies adopted to improve inventory efficiency.
This solution was developed thanks to the use of an integrated tool on the Business Intelligence platform.

Do you want to increase the financial control of your company?

We have developed plug & play solutions that can be right for you

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