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Corporate & Business Strategy

Processo di creazione di valore

We design
the creation of value

All companies have a strategy but not all write it.

Structured planning allows you to seize opportunities, bridge the gap, manage threats and give ambition and enthusiasm to govern change towards success.


1| Who

Reflecting on who your organization is in terms of performance, organization and customers is the starting point for a new direction.
Designing the new strategy means knowing them in a scientific way.

2| Where

The market evolves due to the combined action of macrotrends and actions of the market players.
The macrotrends of Demand, Technology and regulation set the guidelines for the changes.
The actions of customers, competitors and suppliers change the rules of the game.
Studying and understanding the dynamics of the “market” allows us to identify opportunities and threats.

3| Wish

Each company has distinctive elements, strengths. A good strategy defines how to use them to overcome challenges.
Defend yourself from threats. Fill the gap and set the bar, with the level of ambition in the market.

4| What

Combining expected results, available resources and risk management makes strategic objectives “actionable”.
And defines “must do” strategic initiatives.

5| How

The strategy becomes an industrial plan.
Simulations, action plans, economic and financial plans allow to finalize the process.
Involving the organization and assigning responsibilities are the final step in starting the new journey.


Plastic industry company

A company was facing a generational shift and results in recent years that questioned the very survival of the company. Adacta supported the company in a 3-year path in which a radical change in strategy, brand positioning, internal organization and governance was carried out.
After 10 years of difficulty, the company returned to positive profits and embarked on a solid path of relaunch and growth.

Energy sector company

An Esco had the ambition to quintuple its turnover in the space of 5 years.
Adacta has helped the company to define the ideal go-to-market for each business unit (value proposition, promotion, distribution channels, …) and transformed the structure and commercial processes as well as instilled a strong orientation towards results thanks to a constant coaching for a few months in the early stages of the plan.
During the first year of the business plan, the company tripled its turnover.

Company in the engineering sector

A company that had been constructing industrial plants for years had continued to have a stable turnover and was unable to give a significant boost to growth. With the collaboration of Adacta, the company has more accurately identified the market areas with greater potential, simplified the portfolio of initiatives and developed a commercial development process that has substantially improved the conversion rate of offers The company has implemented in substantially the direct development channel, strongly limiting the dependence on external partners.

Do you want to optimize your company’s strategy?

Manage change
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