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Sales Performance & CRM

Soluzioni per crescere  con Adacta

Solutions to grow 

Sales and Marketing are key functions for achieving growth goals.
The evolution of managerial models and technologies creates new opportunities to reach customers.

Using the right mix of processes, solutions and management methods is the challenge to build high-performance commercial functions.

Our approach

1| Sales and marketing strategy

What is the reference customer, his job to be done, his customer journey and the interlocutors (the customer person) with whom we are dealing? What is the value proposition for that customer? What is the strategy to get to talk to the target?

2| Lead

Marketing and digital marketing automation tools become fundamental players to acquire new contacts and interest them in your offer. It must be defined how to reach new customers and all interlocutors who influence the purchasing process.

3| Lead

The sales force must be scientifically structured in all its aspects (size, structure, geography, training / coaching, incentive systems, …) and made to evolve continuously. In support of the sales force, CRM and a structured sales process are the keys to the success of any growth project.

4| Service

The optimal after-sales management, in addition to being an essential element to retain the customer, becomes an area with extraordinary potential for the production of value for the company. Appropriate processes and tools are key elements to maximize the effectiveness of the Service.

5| Sales planning & control

Conversion rates of offers, how many visits to make and to which customers, cost per customer, total customer value over the course of its life cycle, … every element of the sales process must be planned and measured to drive continuous improvement in performance.


Fashion industry company

A clothing manufacturing company wanted to launch a new brand in the luxury sector. After a few seasons with large investments made but unsatisfactory results, the company questioned the initiative.

Adacta has supported the company in a path for the revision of the strategic system and above all in the structuring of a sales force able to promote and accurately position the brand.

The company has achieved the objectives set by the first two years of the business plan and has embarked on a solid path of relaunch and growth.

Furniture company

A furniture manufacturing company was unable to grow “hostage” to some large customers / retailers who prevented it from bringing an important part of its offer to the market.

Adacta helped the company to develop an activity and inbound marketing tools aimed directly at the end customer and the influencers of the purchasing process (architects).

In the first 6 months, the company opened new sales channels, started the commercial development of products that had hitherto been unsuccessful and gave a strong boost to growth.

Company in the engineering sector

An industrial plant builder was not satisfied with the performance of its sales network in Italy.

With the collaboration of Adacta, the company has dimensioned and geographically reallocated internal and external commercial resources, defined concrete objectives by province and structured a solid process of acquiring new customers.

The new sales force has brought a strong improvement in results in the short term.

Do you want to improve your selling performance??

We can help you to integrate marketing automation and CRM tools and support you with our experience to increase the effectiveness of your selling process

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